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Airnimal are high quality folding bicycles which are designed to ride and handle as well as conventional bicycles and can also be reduced in size for different transportation needs e.g. train, car or by air.

Please note we do not hold Airnimals in stock although we do have demonstrators in the Chameleon and Joey range available for test rides.


The Chameleon was the first Airnimal. Conceived primarily as a lightweight road bike, it is renowned for its fine performance and its versatility. Used by commuters, tourists and high performance riders, Chameleons have travelled round the world and won medals in major competition, but also carried the shopping. They can also fold into a carry bag or a 'normal' suitcase for easy transportation. The Chameleon also features a simple, energy efficient suspension system giving a refined and comfortable ride.

Performance Performance Sport Ultra Ultima
cham1 performancesport ultra ultima

Featuring a 27 speed Shimano Tiagra groupset and straight bar, the Performance is the lightweight all round sports bike. Versatility with superb performance.

Featuring a 20 speed Shimano 105 groupset and drop bar, the Performance Sport is a high performance folding bike.

Featuring a 20 speed Shimano Ultegra groupset, 28 hole wheelset and drop bar. Perfect for fast day rides or long distance mile eating.

Featuring a 20 speed Shimano Dura Ace groupset, 20 spoke Velocity Uriel wheelset and appropriate finishing kit.


The Joey is the complete all rounder. Sports rider, commuter, tourist or trail maker, the Joey can do it all. Unusually, it works well with two wheel sizes - fat profile for the city or trail, or narrow high pressure for ultimate speed.

Sport Commute - Alfine 8sp Explore 27/27 Drop Explore Elite/Elite Drop

Featuring an 8 speed Shimano derailleur system and narrow lightweight tyres, the Sport is the utility sports bike. Use it all week with rack and mudguards, then strip it down for a spin in the country.

Featuring an 8 speed wide range Shimano hub gear, straight bar and heavy duty wheels and tyres, the Commute is tough and ready for the street.

The Explore 27 features straight bars and 27 speed derailleur gear system with heavy duty wheels and tyres.

The Explore Drop features a full drop bar/STI wide range 27sp gear set-up. This arrangement, in combination with increased tyre clearance and a disc braking system, makes the Explore Drop the ultimate folding bike.

The Explore Elite features the 14 speed Rohloff hub gear and heavy duty wheels and tyres.

The Explore Elite Drop takes its inspiration from the classic touring bike and is very durable with fine handling and a wide range gearing system and excellent braking.


The heavy duty ' off road' one. Versatile reinforced frame with suspension and strong BMX wheels. The Rhino can take tyre profiles from a fast road slick up to a wide off-road knobbly tyre.

White Rhino   Black Rhino
whiterhino   blackrhino

Featuring an 8 speed Shimano Alfine hub gear and Rock Shox rear shock, the White Rhino is the perfect mixed surface companion. The comfort and power to ride all day.


Featuring the 14 speed Rohloff hub gear and Cane Creek Cloud Nine rear shock, the Black Rhino is an all-rounder that also folds.

Updated 7 October 2014
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